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?? Frequent Questions ??

And their Answers

Are drivers paid all miles Loaded and Empty?

Yes, all miles are paid Loaded and Empty. The only miles we do not pay are the mile from your last delivery to home when taking hometime.

Do drivers handle any freight?

No, we do not book any loads where it is required for the driver to handle freight BUT if it happens our driver will be compensated for it. 

Regarding the Pandemic, Is the company requiring the vaccine, or is this optional?

We are not requiring our drivers to be vaccinated. We believe that is a personal choice that should be made by you and your family.

In the event of another nationwide shutdown. Will we be considered essential workers or will we be shut down.

The last time the country was shut down we were considered essential workers. Our drivers worked the entire time the country was shut down. It was tough but we were able to sustain with a focus on food products to deliver. As long as the government allows transportation to continue we will be working.

Are drivers able to get truck washes? And do you have CAT Scales account? 

Yes, we have a Blue Beacon account and the Weigh My Truck app available for drivers. Should these services not be available, we reimburse expense. 

Regarding truck & trailer maintenance. Is this done in Fayetteville or on the road?

Some simple maintenance will be done on the road but we prefer, if possible, to have maintenance done while you are on home time. We will locate a shop close to your home to have work done. 


NOTE: We do our PM services at Speedco. We do have a preferred tire shop in Dunn, NC.

What is the max employer contribution on the 401K?

The current match is 2% of the employee's weekly wages while the drivers are allowed up to 6% deduction per pay period. 

Are there any additional Bonuses?

Yes, we offer a safety bonus and a retention bonus.

The safety bonus is $50 per week set aside after your first 90 days to be paid out at the end of the year.


The retention bonus is $500.00 per year.

1st year $500

2nd year $1000

3rd year $1500

How is UHC Health Insurance deducted?  Is short and long-term disability available?

It is deducted weekly so your monthly responsibility is divided by 4.

Insurance cost depends on age. The rates are set at the beginning of the year.  We do not have short or long-term disability coverage. 

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